Get Your Demo On!

Sunday, February 11 is right around the corner and we're jacked! We're going to have some amazing bikes to ride on a fantastic chunk of land. Fingers crossed we get more snow!!


Final placement and dimensions may vary.

The demo course

The Surly Bikes Demo course - and the Surly Masher itself - will be built on Surly Brewing's Festival Field, a huge patch of undeveloped land behind the brewery.

The course itself won't be planned or created until the week of the event. While many great ideas have been bandied about, course design and features will depend on what the actual conditions are the week before Sunday, February 11.

FAQ: Demo Course


The demo bikes

Surly Bikes will be bringing the following models in a range of sizes for your demo pleasure!


Surly Pugsley


"Previously a great all-around fat bike, the Pugsley has been redesigned to be the ultimate off-road touring and exploration rig. Maximalist off-road tourists, explorers looking to get off the beaten path, and survivalists for whom being stranded isn’t an option will all appreciate Pugsley’s wider footprint, longer and more stable wheelbase, and plethora of accessory mounts."


Surly Wednesday

"The Wednesday is the result of over a decade of Omniterra design experience distilled into one steel package. It can easily ride over or through most anything our other Omniterra bikes can and then some. With Wednesday, we borrowed elements from some of our Trail and Touring models to create an Omniterra whip that can truly handle anything you want to attempt."


Surly Ice Cream Truck

"The Ice Cream Truck goes where most other bikes can’t. Snow, rocks, mud, sand — you name it, and chances are, someone has ridden it on an Ice Cream Truck. Don’t let that terrain-crawling ability fool you into thinking the Ice Cream Truck is slow and sluggish, though. A long top tube (best paired with a short stem) and short stays make it trail-approved and ready to rip."


The "Masher Bike"

You can also  win a customized Surly Wednesday: Masher Edition as a door prize or auction item.


Surly Wednesday: Masher Edition

Surly Bikes and Surly Brewing have teamed up create the "Masher Bike" – a single-speed stunner that can take you anywhere!


Bike Games

In addition to your standard standard demo course ride-around blah blah blah, Surly Bikes has promised to conduct some bike games at the top of each hour. What sorts of games, you ask? Sorry, we're keeping that cat in the bag. **Cough**DERBY**Cough**


More Surly Bikes

If you want to learn more about or demo other Surly Bikes, our friends at The Hub Bicycle Co-op will also be on-site to answer questions and schedule test rides at one of their three Minneapolis shops.

The Hub is "a worker-owned and democratically-run workplace focused on providing excellent products and services for all your biking needs."

About Surly Masher

Surly Masher is a winter bike event benefiting Full Cycle, a non-profit bike shop providing job training, food, resources, and support to youth experiencing homelessness across the Twin cities. Located in South Minneapolis, Full Cycle is a social enterprise of Pillsbury United Communities.

Taking place on February 11, 2018, Surly Masher is the FIRST-EVER collaboration between Surly Bikes and Surly Brewing – two iconic Minnesota brands destined for a good mashing! This family-friendly event welcomes riders of all ages and abilities to test ride the latest from Surly Bikes on a demo course at Surly Brewing.

To guarantee a surly experience, this winter bike event will take place in February – a time in Minnesota that nobody wants to be left outside. Please join Surly Bikes, Surly Brewing, and all of our sponsors. Help us raise money for Full Cycle bike shop. | @surlymasher | #SurlyMasher

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