FF06: New Year, New Interns

Each Friday, we publish a post from the team at Full Cycle – beneficiaries of the Surly Masher. These snapshots of their work and the youth served will help you get to know them better, and appreciate the importance of supporting youth experiencing homelessness in our community. We also encourage you to visit Full Cycle Bike Shop in South Minneapolis to see their work first-hand, check out the shop’s inventory, and get set-up for winter.

The internship program at Full Cycle is important to youth for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is a young person's first job and provides an opportunity for them to gain job experience. It helps youth find, apply for, and maintain long-term employment. It gives them a supportive, engaging space to learn, laugh, and grow. And sometimes it simply provide access to basic needs – like safety, warmth, and access to food.

A quick walk-through of Full Cycle's bike internship classroom.

Why bicycles?

A lot of youth love or rely on bicycles. And many of them are interested in learning about how they work and how to maintain them. Our internship helps youth learn a practical trade, while giving them the support and confidence they need to find employment. It also provides an entry point into the bike industry with no experience required.

How does it work?

We just wrapped up orientation with Phase 1 and Phase 2 interns this week. Full Cycle hires every quarter with positions starting in January, March, June, and September.

Phase One interns spend three months in the classroom, going over curriculum that covers overhauling and refurbishing used bicycles. It also covers topics such as resume and cover letter writing, along with interviewing and job searching skills. We also make time for field trips and bike industry related outings.

Upon successful completion of Phase One, interns are promoted to Phase Two where they spend three more months working in the shop and building up bikes for the sales floor. They also learn more about customer service, organization, and shop upkeep.

One of the best parts about my position is working alongside youth and getting to go on bike rides together.
— Essie Schlotterbeck, Internship Instructor

What happens after the 6-month internship is over?

We have a party! Err ... a graduation ceremony. The completion of the 6-month internship is a big accomplishment and we gather together to celebrate our intern successes accordingly.

Following graduation our interns are supported in their efforts to find employment, including positions with Full Cycle. We offer a variety of graduate positions available such as Classroom Instructor, Graduate Mechanic, and Food Delivery.

About Surly Masher

Surly Masher is a winter bike event benefiting Full Cycle, a non-profit bike shop providing job training, food, resources, and support to youth experiencing homelessness across the Twin cities. Located in South Minneapolis, Full Cycle is a social enterprise of Pillsbury United Communities.

Taking place on February 11, 2018, Surly Masher is the FIRST-EVER collaboration between Surly Bikes and Surly Brewing – two iconic Minnesota brands destined for a good mashing! This family-friendly event welcomes riders of all ages and abilities to test ride the latest from Surly Bikes on a demo course at Surly Brewing.

To guarantee a surly experience, this winter bike event will take place in February – a time in Minnesota that nobody wants to be left outside. Please join Surly Bikes, Surly Brewing, and all of our sponsors. Help us raise money for Full Cycle bike shop.

surlymasher.com | @surlymasher | #SurlyMasher

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