MP03: Adam Turman

Between now and February 11th we’ll be bringing you a handful of short, behind-the-scenes interviews – A.K.A. Masher Profiles – with some of the peeps helping to make The Surly Masher happen.

To kick off (what we hope will be) the annual Surly Masher, we asked the illustrious Adam Turman to create some original artwork to help promote it. Turning to Adam was a no-brainer. Not only is he one of the most recognized artists in the Twin Cities, but he's a long-time Surly Brewing collaborator as well. He's also known to turn a pedal or two with his "bike gang" called the #GENTS.

If you want to learn more about Adam and his artwork, we've included a rather extensive list of links at the bottom of this post. Otherwise, we'll dispense with the pleasantries and get the questions people really want the answers to.

Have you ever come across someone you shouldn’t have [messed] with?

Bob Murderer at the U. He was this punk guy that always talked in a British accent. He came up to my friends and I at a show once, leaned in, and asked [in a menacing voice] “Do you know who I am?” We all said “Yes, Bob” and tried to avoid him after that. We shouldn’t have [messed] with him and didn’t.

Do you have any creed or philosophy that you live by?

I’d like to say something like “we came, we saw, we conquered," but I’m not that bad ass. The real answer is probably closer to “keep the customer happy.”

What is your favorite Surly Bike?

Big Dummy

What is your favorite Surly Beer?


What is your favorite place to ride in the Twin Cities?

I’m a “multi-surface” guy, so anywhere and everywhere. I really love the limestone trails west of the cities, and the cobbles around the Stone Arch Bridge and St. Anthony main. For Mountain Biking, Elm Creek and the river bottoms. But I really like riding with friends. That’s what makes it the most fun.

Ninja or Wizard?

I guess a ninja, because that what I used to draw as a kid all the time. But I’d probably make a better wizard because then I dont’t have to fight all the time.

As a known fan, what's your favorite Iron Maiden album?

Number of the Beast. Second would be Live After Death.

Dear MASH, what is Adam Turman doing in an alternate universe?


Adam is working as bike mechanic with Julianne Moore in Portland where he lives in a house.

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About Surly Masher

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Taking place on February 11, 2018, Surly Masher is the FIRST-EVER collaboration between Surly Bikes and Surly Brewing – two iconic Minnesota brands destined for a good mashing! This family-friendly event welcomes riders of all ages and abilities to test ride the latest from Surly Bikes on a demo course at Surly Brewing.

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