MP05: Patrick Stephenson

Between now and February 11th we’ll be bringing you a handful of short, behind-the-scenes interviews – A.K.A. Masher Profiles – with some of the peeps helping to make The Surly Masher happen.

As a founder of 30 Days of Biking and the Joyful Riders Club, Patrick Stephenson was our first choice to lead the OFFICIAL SURLY MASHER PRE-RIDE. Patrick's radiant personality and love for getting others to ride bikes are tough credentials to beat, so we decided to ply Mr. Joyful with a surly set of questions.

What’s the most you ever lost on a coin toss?

Shoot, that’s a big question. I was riding my bike home on Bryant Avenue, got doored, and broke both my arms. I was personal training at the time and I was in the best shape of my life. I went into a big decline after that. If I had left one minute earlier or later, who knows what would have happened?

What is your favorite Surly Bike?

Steamroller. It’s the bike that changed my life and turned me into a biker.

What is your favorite Surly Beer?

Fiery Hell. It’s so delicious and has so much bite to it. I like it like I like spicy curry. I want some intensity to my flavors.

Ninja or Wizard?

Wizard! I want magical powers.

Luke or Han?

Han. Seriously, no question. Ok, wait. Luke in the new movie is a totally different Luke. So old Han, new Luke.

What is your favorite thing about riding bikes in winter?

Self-sufficiency. I like the feeling of having everything you need on your back and being this self-contained pile of warmth moving through the cold.

Where in Minneapolis can on find a woman with grace, elegance, taste, and culture?

In my house!


Patrick will ride his [ADJECTIVE] bike with [FICTIONAL CHARACTER] to [HISTORIC SITE] where they’ll stay in a [M/A/S/H].


Patrick will ride his malleable bike with The Royal Tennenbaums to Pompeii where they’ll stay in a mansion. Sounds about right.

About Surly Masher

Surly Masher is a winter bike event benefiting Full Cycle, a non-profit bike shop providing job training, food, resources, and support to youth experiencing homelessness across the Twin cities. Located in South Minneapolis, Full Cycle is a social enterprise of Pillsbury United Communities.

Taking place on February 11, 2018, Surly Masher is the FIRST-EVER collaboration between Surly Bikes and Surly Brewing – two iconic Minnesota brands destined for a good mashing! This family-friendly event welcomes riders of all ages and abilities to test ride the latest from Surly Bikes on a demo course at Surly Brewing.

To guarantee a surly experience, this winter bike event will take place in February – a time in Minnesota that nobody wants to be left outside. Please join Surly Bikes, Surly Brewing, and all of our sponsors. Help us raise money for Full Cycle bike shop. | @surlymasher | #SurlyMasher

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