Full Cycle provides support and job training for youth experiencing homelessness throughout Twin Cities metro area

Youth experiencing homelessness face hunger, violence, racism, and countless other barriers to their safety and independence

Young people ages 24 and below are most at risk of experiencing homelessness in Minnesota. Without stable housing they are often forced to compromise their health, safety, and personal values just to spend a night indoors. Access to basic needs, transportation, job training, and supportive relationships provide a foundation for independence, allowing them to dream of a future beyond the grip of homelessness.

Full Cycle provides the support needed to escape these threats and help them make it on their own.

While there are other youth-entrepreneurship programs in the Twin Cities, Full Cycle is one of the only mentoring programs that specifically serves youth experiencing homelessness.

Full Cycle is a youth-staffed, nonprofit bike shop addressing the issue of youth homelessness through social innovation



Strategic Programs

Full Cycle’s four complementary strategies allow homeless youth to establish strong relationships with supportive staff members who connect them to community resources and support services. These programs help young people achieve independence and reach a place in their lives where they dare to dream about a future beyond the constraints of homelessness.

  • Paid Internship Program – Youth learn bicycle mechanics and basic business skills while gaining practical job experience during this 6-month paid program (two 3-month phases). Pay-it-Forward Projects teach these youth that they have the ability to give back and help others, even when not all their basic needs are being met.
  • Groveland Food For Youth – Youth meet their basic needs through this youth-staffed food shelf, which provides them with access to food, parenting supplies, and connection to additional resources.
  • Free Bike Appointments – Youth learn to build and maintain their own bicycle—often the first bike they own and their primary means of getting around. These appointments serve as a non-clinical opportunity for staff to build trusting relationships and help young adults make connections to other resources.
  • Street Outreach – Youth connect with Full Cycle outreach workers on the streets. They are provided with information, resources, and referrals to Full Cycle programs to overcome barriers around employment, transportation, and access to food and parenting supplies. Outreach workers provide direct connections to other local programs that help meet basic needs, such as housing and health care.

Since 2008, Full Cycle's PAID INTERNSHIP PROGRAM has employed over 140 youth





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